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Testimony to a truly beautiful birth....

“an experience so beautiful I can’t really, probably ever, find the words to describe. She birthed like a goddess – powerful, vulnerable, open and free, and there is simply nothing more mysterious, more sacred or more holy we can touch this side of heaven than the beginning of new life, birthed by a woman who knows how powerful she is and works hard to face the pulls of labour with a steady, focused and peaceful heart.”  Rachel @

Another beautiful baby boy!  Arrived March 8 2017 after a very short and sweet labour of 4 1/2 hours!  Thank you. X

Ella & Corey
Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

link to hypnobirthing videos

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Mother with newborn baby

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newborn with parents

Steph & Ben, Twin Waters

Such a beautiful positive story. Read it here.

Water birth

Sian and Scott, Cooran

An amazing en-caul birth story. Read it here.


Amye & Ant, Peregian

"we are at peace with our experience." 
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Newborn after Caesarean

Link to a beautiful positive Caesarean birthstory

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