Birth Stories

Testimony to a truly beautiful birth....

“an experience so beautiful I can’t really, probably ever, find the words to describe. She birthed like a goddess – powerful, vulnerable, open and free, and there is simply nothing more mysterious, more sacred or more holy we can touch this side of heaven than the beginning of new life, birthed by a woman who knows how powerful she is and works hard to face the pulls of labour with a steady, focused and peaceful heart.”  Rachel @

Another beautiful baby boy!  Arrived March 8 2017 after a very short and sweet labour of 4 1/2 hours! 
Thank you. X

Ella & Corey
Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

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Newborn after Caesarean
Link to a beautiful positive Caesarean birthstory 2018
Tiff & James welcome Ollie, Jan 2019

My partner, James and I attended Hypnobirthing with Kylie. We went in not knowing much about child birth, what to expect or tools to assist during birth.

We came out educated, empowered and full of excitement for giving birth! Thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques I had no fear surrounding giving birth, and went on to have a beautiful natural birth to our son Ollie.

I would highly recommend hypnobirthing and am truely grateful for an empowering birth, thanks to Kylie and Hypnobirthing Australia

Boni & Brian welcome Sage, Jan 2019

Jacki & Eric welcome Noah, Feb 2019

The birth went well, I'm so glad I had the hypnobirthing toolkit!

We had a 5 hour labour, no drugs & no complications.
I'm actually really happy with how it went.. although it did hurt like hell and is the most intense experience!!

We were very well looked after by the midwives at SCUH, they respected our birth preferences & it was a really good experience.

Jay & Dan, Meridan 2019

HIS story of their healing VBAC. Read it here.

newborn with parents
Steph & Ben, Twin Waters 2018

A beautiful positive story. Read it here.

Water birth
Sian and Scott, Cooran 2018

An amazing en-caul birth story. Read it here.

Katrina and Dan, Caloundra 2018

Such a beautiful birth story. Read it here.

Amye & Ant, Peregian 2018

"we are at peace with our experience." 
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