Massage for the Pregnant Mama, and Baby

Massage for Pregnancy

Massage can boost your energy, immune system and sense of wellbeing! It's a lovely form of relaxation, health promotion and self-love. For pregnancy, massage therapists have to be mindful of the bump, your baby, your body and the peculiarities of pregnancy.  Seek a massage therapist experienced in Pregnancy Massage.

Local Sunshine Coast Pregnancy Massage Therapists

The below practitioners use aromatherapy oils in pregnancy massage.

Conceptions Fertility & Pregnancy Massage -  Linda has over 20 years of massage and natural therapy experience. She says "The journey of fertility and pregnancy can be a time of overwhelm and great changes. I specialise in fertility, pregnancy and postnatal massage to support women through the many changes occurring during these times. After my own preconception and pregnancy experience I became passionate about supporting women through their own preconception journey and beyond through massage."  

Buderim Natural Health and Massage - Jennifer Williamson was invited to speak at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital's Obstetric Education Day on Pregnancy, Labour, Post-Natal Massage and Natural Therapies. Jennifer specialises in Pregnancy and Post-natal massage.  Pregnant clients enjoy the very comfortable and safe Belly Bag (a big bean bag with a hole that supports the tummy, this allows a pregnant woman to lay face down and fully relax). Safe essential oils are included in the massage oils, unless a plain massage oil is preferred. Jennifer uses appropriate reflex points are used to effectively and safely induce or turn a baby when there is a need.

Body Balance Pregnancy Massage and Body Balance Mobile Massage  Sunshine Coast  Renee Johnson's team of qualified and experienced therapists have worked with Renee to become the Sunshine Coast’s most trusted mobile massage provider. Renee has personally worked alongside each one of her therapists and is comfortable having each one of them in her home, therefore she knows you will be delighted having them in yours!

A Perfect Blend  Caloundra and Mooloolaba.  Lisa McDonald – Owner and Manager, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist
During Pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. Massage is a great way to reduce stress and promote general well-being for the mum to be.

Acquiesce Massage   Buderim clinic and mobile service.  Acquiesce Massage offers Pregnancy Massages specifically suited for the expectant mother’s needs and ensures you are feeling very relaxed and comforted. We have a selection of Belly Pillows that allow pregnant women to lie safely on her front, ease the pressure off her back and lets her have a professional massage throughout her entire pregnancy.

Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Wellness Centre  Buderim.  An Ayurvedic pregnancy massage is a nurturing, relaxing and rejuvenating massage, which includes a head massage and a herbal foot soak designed to bring balance pre and post pregnancy. It helps reduce stress and promote a positive delivery

Lotus Baby & Mamma Massage   was created by Sharon Arthur – a NurtureLife® Practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and mother. She offers the therapeutic benefits of massage in your own home, (even when there are babies and toddlers running around). Sharon also leads infant massage programs, helping you to better understand your baby's language, read their behaviours and trust your instincts.


Perineal Massage during Pregnancy

Evidence to show that perineal massage during pregnancy reduces the chance of tear or episiotomy is not overwhelming and can be confusing. Link to this summary study here, read the comments for anecdotal stories, and decide for yourself. First time birthing mothers can benefit from familiarity with the pressure and stretch sensations in the perineum, and the enhanced flexibility that massage may provide; but positioning, perineal pressure (warm compress at crowning) and birthing method are also huge important factors.

What shows more significantly, is that tears and episiotomies are significantly reduced by slow, controlled birthing of the baby, allowing the perineum to stretch gently (see study here).  This is exactly what we teach with our hypnobirthing program - to 'breathe the baby out' instead of pushing the baby out!

This great blog about Fear of Perineal Trauma , written by Vicki Hobbs is a great resource of information, and includes a link to this instructional video about perineal massage for those who choose to do it.  (Vicki, from Western Australia is a Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Educator, and a Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Consultant and Practitioner, Aromatherapist & Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in pregnancy, massage and placenta encapsulation. She is very well qualified to write and educate about this matter!)

baby in birth
Slow, gentle birthing allows the perineum is to stretch gradually and maximally. Breathe your baby out!

Massage for Baby

When you birth your baby, and you languish in the beautiful moments of skin to skin contact, you feel an overwhelming flood of joy and love for your newborn. It's not just the culmination of a long excited wait and an empowered birth - it's also the surge of Oxytocin in yours and your baby's bodies!  This produces physiological changes and creates those feelings of love and connection; it's Nature's way of wiring us to nurture and care for our babies to maximise survival of the species!  Oxytocin is the same hormone that makes us feel 'in love', and it's the hormone that boosts milk supply for your baby!

Research has even shown that babies born premature or unwell have far better outcomes (even better survival rates) when touched constantly and cared for using "Kangaroo Care".  This care method involves skin-to-skin contact as much as possible instead of humidicrib/incubator placement.

SO, as you see, skin contact and touch are powerful! As your baby grows and develops, every time you touch and cuddle your baby, you both produce Oxytocin, and the love and connection continues to benefit both of you. 

Imagine the feeling your baby will experience when you massage him/her continuously for 5-10 minutes! Lovely warm, gentle touch, that stimulates his blood supply, Oxytocin production, immune system and brain! Your baby will be calmed and satisfied. You too will have a surge of Oxytocin, boosting your energy, immune system and milk supply! Not to mention the connection you will both feel - fall in love with baby again and again!

If you want to know more, read this great (lengthy) article about benefits of baby massage, an interview with Vimala McClure, founder of the International Association of Infant Massage.


baby massage

How to Massage Baby

There is plenty of information on the internet, and loads of Youtube videos.  This video was the best that I could find, and demonstrates a lovely, simple, gentle massage for your baby.  There is a little bit of chat, then the massage instruction starts at 1:50.  Remember, look into your baby's eyes and talk to him/her as you massage gently. And use a massage oil that is pure, gentle and suitable for baby's gentle skin (the skin is our biggest organ, and oils do soak through!).


Sunshine Coast Baby Massage Instruction

These local businesses do private and group massage instruction for mothers to learn to massage their babies.

Flourish Baby Massage  Buderim based.  "Becoming an infant massage instructor has been one of the most rewarding career decisions I've made. I love teaching parents techniques to enhance their bond with their babies whilst improving their baby's health and wellbeing.

Happy Bub Baby Massage  Mooloolaba based.  "I guide you step by step on how to massage your baby helping to strengthen your baby’s health, along with  the love and trust you share with each other.  I teach you complete sequences and techniques, especially designed for baby massage, with tailored strokes to help alleviate many infant issues."

Mama Blooming  Glasshouse Mountains based.  "Fun and relaxed baby massage classes in the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast."

Lotus Baby and Mamma Massage  Learn to calm your baby and communicate through massage. Our baby massage courses focus on strengthening your precious bond. 


baby massage

Massage for Induction of Labour - does it work?

As the author of this article says, no massage will 'start' labour.  Babies usually come when babies are ready (remember there's a 5 week range on 'normal gestation'!), and then labour most commonly starts spontaneously.  But the deep relaxation and endorphin promoting through this specialist massage has anecdotally been reported to help the onset of labour when everything is in place and the 'guess date' has already passed. Remember that if nature is left to take its course, every day past the guess day is more likely to be the day that labour starts...  Read the full article by Vicki Hobbs about Induction Massage here.


pregnant woman having massage
Picture courtesy Vicki Hobbs