The Unexpected Cesarean Birth of Luca

“Because of our hypnobirthing we are at peace with our experience”

“Luca was born 42+1 weeks. At 42 weeks SCUH doctors  did an ultrasound that showed Luca had very little amniotic fluid around him and rec he come out sooner rather than later. The labour was started via sintocin drip and the surges were quite long, strong and close together.

I laboured for 12 hrs without pain relief (just my breathing)

but towards the end Luca’s heart rate was dropping with each surge and taking over 3mins to come back up. Doctors recommended an epidural or ceasarean. I had the epidural but also needed a cesarean soon after due to Luca’s fatigue and distress.

I had a large hemorrhage immediately after he was delivered which took a bit to stop. The breathing was absolutely brilliant and despite the large bleed I remained stable throughout the op.

All in all not what we hoped for but there is no way we would have gotten through it so well had we not used our hypno strategies.

Huge thanks again for everything. Because of hypnobirthing we are at peace with our experience and feel we gave it our all.”

Love Amye, Anthony and Luca