Hypnobirthing Videos

Hypnobirthing Videos

Here's a small selection of birth stories for you to view, to help you to understand the concept of hypnobirthing and what it can offer your birth experience.


Hypnobirthing Australia
Positive Birth Program

A little bit about the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program, by director, Melissa Spilsted.


Shari's Natural Home Hypnobirth

Shari and her husband chose Hypnobirthing Australia, and used the tools and skills  to achieve a calm, relaxed and positive birth.  It is a really beautiful birth, and we are very grateful to be able to share it.  With permission Shari Lyon.

Olivers 'pain-free' water hypnobirth

With permission, Auckland Hypnobirthing
Please note:  'pain-free' is how the mother perceived her experience - when you watch her face and movements, it is clear she is feeling some very strong sensations, but through her hypnobirth training, she was able to disassociate those feelings from pain!  My own 4 births were very much the same.

Mother of 5 compares hypnobirthing to her 4 other births

...and "hypnobirthing was the BEST!"
Courtesy of Rebekah Borucki  at Bexlife.
This is not Australian, but it is still a great discussion about all the differences that hypnobirthing makes - before, during and after the birth!

Parents speaking about hypnobirthing

Ella and Jason share their hypnobirthing story with other expectant parents.  Courtesy Hypnobirthing Australia.
"You can do it, it's easy!"

Positive Hypnobirthing with Syntocinon

A positive induction hypnobirthing story....  Sometimes, induction is a necessary, unexpected part of a birth.  This video shows how preparation with Hypnobirthing can still create a very positive outcome in that situation.