Evidence for Hypnobirthing

Science Support for Hypnobirthing

Here are links to some studies and findings about the benefits of hypnobirthing, for both mother and baby. 
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Numerous positive results in  'Birthing Outcomes from an Australian Hypnobirthing Program'
by Julie Phillips-Moore and published in the British Journal of Midwifery August 2012. Vol 20
"Women attending the HypnoBirthing programme demonstrated similar results to those found in other research in hypnosis for childbirth. However, the findings also demonstrated some added benefits of HypnoBirthing. The majority of women reported feeling more confident, relaxed, less fearful, focused, and more in control. They also commented on the ease and comfort of  abour and birth and the satisfaction of having their partners involved and supportive."


Increased incidence of no pain relief in childbirth  
"fewer parturients having hypnosis required analgesia...  women using hypnosis rated their labour pain less severe than controls... hypnosis reduced opioid requirements... and increased the incidence of not requiring pharmacological analgesia in labour."


Improved Obstetric Outcomes, Reduced Post-Natal Depression  
"Hypnotically prepared births had shorter Stage 1 labors, less medication, higher Apgar scores, and more frequent spontaneous deliveries than control (group) births. ... hypnotically treated women had lower depression scores after birth than women in the other 3 groups."


Fewer interventions 
"Of the women taught antenatal self-hypnosis, .... fewer epidurals... and required less augmentation."


Less pain relief, higher baby APGAR scores
"Prenatal hypnosis preparation resulted in significantly less use of sedatives, analgesia, and regional anesthesia during labor and in higher 1-minute neonatal Apgar scores... Well-controlled studies are warranted for clinicians to offer hypnosis more frequently as a pain relief option for childbirth."


Women receiving prenatal hypnosis had significantly better outcomes than women who did not 
Hypnosis to facilitate uncomplicated birth:  "Further assessment suggested that hypnosis worked by preventing negative emotional factors from leading to an complicated birth outcome.... The routine prenatal use of hypnosis could improve obstetric outcome."


And now, some non-science-studies but real-life evidence non-the-less!
Link to some videos of real women who experienced the benefits of hypnobirthing





woman in labour

woman in labour in waterbath

Woman in labour in waterbath

Newborn baby in waterbath

Mother and newborn

Woman labouring in waterbath