Doula-Midwifery Services

Links and information about Doula and Midwife services on the Sunshine Coast

doula 'doo-la' / noun
Greek word meaning 'woman servant or caregiver'
a woman who gives support, help and advice to another woman during pregnancy, birth and after the birth.
'a doula believes in mothering the mother'


midwife  / noun
A midwife is a professional in midwifery, specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, women's sexual and reproductive health and newborn care.


There are many private midwives and doulas practising on the Sunshine Coast.  A very quick Google search brings up numerous listings and links.  There is an active ‘Positive Birth Movement Sunshine Coast’ group that meets and presents information sessions and speakers for midwives, doulas, and all people interested in their work.  Many of the midwives and doulas on the Sunshine Coast will assist you if you choose home birthing.   Below are just a sample of the listings available.


Coast Life Midwifery     
We are a private midwifery practice on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland offering woman centred pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. We are passionate and committed midwives, supporting women to make informed choices and be active participants in their care. We provide experienced and exceptional evidenced based midwifery care to our women and families whether they choose to birth in hospital or at home.


Homebirth Queensland Inc: Homebirth Queensland

Mothers and midwives working together.   We are a group of mothers, Midwives, Doulas, and our families connected by the vision of enabling true choice in childbirth. We view birthing as a family rather than as a medical experience, an event in our lives where we celebrate the birth of our babies rather than their deliveries.

We run Brisbane and Gold Coast based homebirth support groups for pregnant women and families, particularly those considering, planning or simply curious about birthing at home. Visiting Midwives and Doulas are also very welcome to join in these support groups.


Sunshine Coast Birth Directory - Birth Connection

Birth Connection is the online presence of Childbirth Educator, Advanced Doula, Birth Story Healer, & Birthing From Within mentor, Pernille Powell. Pernille is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


Sunshine Coast Doula Service

Welcome to Beautiful Beginnings and congratulations on your birth journey...  Of course, I'm not just talking about the upcoming birth of your baby...  Along with the addition of a precious little one into your family, you are also embarking on a new life path, and "birthing" a new sense of identity.  I celebrate this rite of passage and I strive to help mothers tap into their treasure of inner strength and courage during these defining moments.


Fourish Mums & Bubs

Jodi Atkinson, private doula.  As a doula I don’t offer my opinions unless I’m asked. I don’t impose my thoughts and beliefs. I listen, respect, and trust your instincts. I’m not restricted by protocol. I’m committed to working with your partner and I value his presence, simultaneously working side by side with the medical professionals, remaining respectful of their responsibilities.  I believe that supporting women and their partners to achieve more positive birth outcomes improves society as a whole. Positive birth experiences are known to improve a woman's self confidence and provide her with a feeling of great accomplishment.


Birth Connection

Pernille Powell, Certified Advanced Doula:   Through Birth Connection, I am passionate about caring for you and your family on your birthing and parenting journey, by offering you information, counselling, education and support. I pride myself on creating a nurturing, caring and non-judgmental environment in everything I do, and offer you truthful and meaningful preparation, and support for a positive birth experience regardless of how and where you have your baby.