Birth & Baby Photography

Birth and Baby Photographers

Some Birth and Baby Photographers who love working with bellies, births and babies!  And they are really good!  I defy you NOT to get lost in their galleries!

Rebecca Colefax Photography, Noosa, Sunshine Coast   My maternity, birth, newborn, family and wedding photography, is a way in which the true romantic and tender motherly instincts play a huge role.  I love working with people to tell real life stories and create soulful, authentic photographs jam packed with love.

Melissa Jean Photography  
As a photographer, the emotional reward is what keeps my passion alive. To make people smile (and cry) for a living really is a dream come true. In saying that, I crave a level of satisfaction far greater than this. I want to know that by me pursuing my dream, I can help contribute to the dreams of others.  For a decade I’ve been capturing images of joy, preserving the most precious days of our lives.

"Life is a series of moments, each one a journey to the end. The 9 precious months that it takes to grow a baby, I dedicate to capturing your journey. The remaining 3 months a year I dedicate to exploring our world; to living and giving, to loving and growing, to seeing and simply being…. These are the moments that drive me and inspire me to put my heart and soul into capturing yours."  Melissa Jean


Kindred Birth  In celebration of birth and making mothers.  As a professional birth photographer Bronwyn Arnold-Briggs can capture the magic of your baby's day of birth, first breath, first cry and those precious bonding moments.   I especially love Bron's totally gorgeous picture of this newborn baby and placenta still connected in love.

Rachel Wiley at Red Tent Photography.  Rachel captures really beautiful moments in stills and video.  “Harper's Birth experience so beautiful I can’t really, probably ever, find the words to describe. She birthed like a goddess – powerful, vulnerable, open and free, and there is simply nothing more mysterious, more sacred or more holy we can touch this side of heaven than the beginning of new life, birthed by a woman who knows how powerful she is and works hard to face the pulls of labour with a steady, focused and peaceful heart.”