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Homeopathic Support for labour and birth

Homeopathy in labour and birth

I get so many inquiries about homeopathy that I thought it worthwhile including this information here for your further reading and research if you choose.

How to use homeopathy in birth
Sunshine Coast Homeopathics
Mother and Child Homeopathy Kit

Background of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a healing modality that has been used for more than 2 centuries.  In many countries, it stands alongside 'modern' medicine as the chosen modality of treating illness and injury.  I am not a homeopath, but I have seen homeopathy work astoundingly effectively in many applications, from injuries and wound healing, head injuries, ear infections, throat infections, flu-like illnesses and colds/coughs/croup, fractures, bacterial and viral infections, teeth injuries, birth and afterbirth, breast-feeding and mastitis, and so much more...  There is a component of homeopathy that can act on the emotions too.  Finding a good, reputable, qualified therapist is essential, so do your homework.
There is plenty of science to support homeopathic treatments, and if this approach to restoring and maintaining health interests you, you'll need to do your research.  Below are some good links to begin with...

Brauer - How Homeopathy Works    This is a great concise description and history of Homeopathy. "Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine developed by doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. It is based on the ‘law of similars’, which states ‘let likes cure likes’. This principle was first described in 400 BC by Hippocrates, the father of medicine.
Homeopathy is the leading form of complementary medicine in Europe. In India, it is the sole form of medicine for over 100 million people.

Much of the clinical research on homeopathy that has been published in medical journals has shown positive results. As well as these clinical trials, many basic science studies confirm the biological activity of homeopathic medicines. Perhaps, most importantly, for over 200 years, health professionals and their patients throughout the world have consistently experienced and documented positive therapeutic effects from homeopathic medicines without the numerous side effects associated with conventional drug treatments."

Mainstream work such as allergy immunology and allergy desensitisation/immunotherapy and mainstream medical science study like this "AR101 Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allregy", published in the New England Journal of Medicine, use the phenomenon of giving trace amounts of allergens in a controlled setting, to build their immune systems to help overcome health issues and allergy dangers. This is a classic example of the way that homeopathy works - 'let like cure like'.


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Homeopathy in labour and Birth

For many women, homeopathic medicine has helped enormously in the run-up to the birth of their baby and in helping to avoid or to reduce some of the problems associated with labour.  It has also helped in dealing with post-natal symptoms concerning birth, afterbirth, and feeding.  The below links are a beginning point for gathering information.

Is homeopathy safe to use during childbirth?  This article from NCBI says: "Many expectant mothers do not want to use conventional medicine during pregnancy. As homeopathic remedies contain minute doses of specially prepared substances, unwanted side effects are avoided, making such remedies useful alternatives to use during pregnancy or when treating infants."

Top 14 Remedies for Labour and Birth   “Is homeopathy safe for pregnant women and babies?”  The short answer is yes. Homeopathy has an excellent safety record. Its remedies are non-toxic and, when correctly chosen, stimulate the body to heal and correct its own problems. It has a 200 year history of use during pregnancy and childbirth, without reports of harm or injury.  While most babies are born after perfectly normal and uneventful labours, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Should that happen, a little homeopathic knowledge can help. This article covers the top 14 remedies for common labour and post-birth problems."

Labour and Delivery - National Centre for Homeopathy   "Giving birth to a child can be a different and unique experience for each new mom. And homeopathy can be very easily incorporated into any birth plan. The following are some of the most common remedies that can provide assistance and relief during labor and delivery:"

Labour and Childbirth  - this article by the British Homepathic Society, founded in 1902, is more a list of symptoms and remedies, but it does illustrate the wide range of situations in which homeopathy may be able to help.

Directory of Labour, Birth and Homeopathy   "There are many highly effective homeopathic remedies to help deal with possible problems during childbirth, such as a cervix which is slow to dilate, pain, excessive bleeding, retained placenta, other difficulties.  Your Homeopath can advise you and your partner on the use of remedies prior to labor. Be sure to bring your acute remedy kit and dosing supplies to the birthing center and these specific remedies below with you, as well as clear written dosing instructions for your midwife and/or partner to follow."

Study: Quicker Births with Fewer Complications   "According to a French double blind study, *(2) homeopathic medicine has been shown to shorten labor time and help prevent or minimize the possibility of a difficult birth if taken at the beginning of the ninth month daily. In the study, the pregnant women were selected regardless of age or number of deliveries. The analysis of 93 participants revealed that those women receiving homeopathic treated had an average delivery time of 5.1 hours compared to the placebo group of 8.7 hours, and difficult labors were 11% for the homeopathic group compared to 40% for the placebo group."  [Original study:  2. -Dorfman, P. MD, Arnal-Lassiere, M. MD, Tetau, M. MD. Preparaton for Delivery By Homeopathic Treatment. Double Blind vs. Placebo Experimentation. T. Medicine Paris-Ouest. 1986.]


Homeopaths in the Sunshine Coast Area

Robyn Goozee Homeopath  Chevallum. Robyn has 30 years clinical homeopathic experience with 25 prior years in nursing. Robyn's approach is thorough, gentle and effective. Phone 5478 9919.

Buderim Natural Medicine  Buderim, with Karuna Tohow. "Homeopathic medicine can treat most medical conditions successfully. It is not expensive and health rebates are available. It is wise to try and avoid the over use of antibiotics and pain killers… and use more natural medicines for less major health problems." Phone 07 5476 7742.

Noosa Homeopathics  Noosa. "The Practice and Clinic of Carolyn Graham, Classical Homoeopath, and Wellbeing Educator for Noosa, Peregian, Coolum, Maroochydore, Cooroy, Eumundi, Pomona, Kin Kin, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.... Homeopathy is a traditionally used medicine that is low risk, gentle in action, and may be effective when used in accordance with Homeopathic principles. Generally, there are no contraindications with taking homoeopathic medicines, but check with your Healthcare Provider.
...If you would like to know more about assisting stubborn emotional stress issues, please ring for a chat (without obligation) … Carolyn is never too busy to talk with you." Phone (07) 5412-2702 or Mobile 0431 036 495.

Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic  Mountain Creek. "To see if homoeopathy is a recommended treatment for your health concerns, or to discover alternate ways to reach your optimal health, please call our clinic on +617 5477 7115. Arranging a health consultation with one of the most respected natural health clinics in Australia is the best step towards your healthiest self." 


Homeopathy Kit for pregnancy, labour, birth and the first few years

This link is to a Mother and Child Kit through an Australian homeopathic online sales outlet of a reputable practice.
Each kit contains 42 different remedies and come with a easy to use 114-page prescriber booklet that fits within the kit for easy reference. The kit is portable and very easy to use.

For those interested, the kit 42 key remedies contained are traditionally used by homeopaths for common ailments and discomforts during pregnancy, labour, birth and infancy. The accompanying booklet discusses how to use the remedies for symptoms arising from: Anxiety; arthritic and rheumatic pain; bedwetting; back pain; bites and stings; boils and abscesses; burns; chickenpox; childbirth and labour irregularities such as late labour, breech presentation; prolonged or difficult childbirth, Caesarian section; Post-childbirth irregularites such as bleeding, retained placenta, “baby blues”; lactation irregularities and mastitis; clingy babies and infants; colds; cold sores; colic; constipation; coughs; cradle cap; cystitis; diarrhoea; earache and glue ear; eye-problems; fevers; grief; hangover; hay fever; headaches; indigestion and flatulence; influenza; injuries and bruising; itching and nettle rash; joint pains; measles; mumps; nappy rash; nausea and vomiting; nosebleeds; period pains; morning sickness; ligament pain; threatened miscarriage; sciatica; shingles; sinusitis and catarrh; sleep problems & nightmares; sore throat; sprains and strains; teething; thrush; toothache; travel sickness, and jet lag.

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