Premie emergency caesarean birth

“I was in labour at our 4th class at 33 weeks!”

“Steve and I committed to private classes with Kylie, and I am so grateful that we did!”

On our fourth and final Hypnobirthing class, Kylie arrived at our house in the morning and at only 33weeks pregnant, I had gone into pre term labour. Having already done the previous 3 units made what I believe to be a huge difference.

After timing my ‘tightenings’, we packed up the car and headed for the hospital! Not only was I 33 weeks, it turned out our baby’s position was footling breach, my waters broke at the hospital and I had to have an emergency caesarean.

“What could have easily been a scary and stressful situation was made so calm, easy and actually enjoyable for the most part!”

We still played our affirmations and meditation music to remain in the zone and our beautiful boy was born with the music playing, in the calmest possible environment. We were able to have skin to skin before he was taken to Neonatal ICU ward and I truly believe that the tools we learned about remaining calm carried through into the 3 weeks we spent in ICU.

I am eternally grateful for Kylie’s knowledge and kind heart throughout our journey. She also makes the best treats!

“I feel so empowered after my experience,
even though our birth was absolutely different from what I thought it would be”

Jess and Steve, Mooloolah Valley June 2022

Our beautiful premie caesarean Bub!