Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

What is Placenta Encapsulation?  Why would anyone do it?  Who does it on the Sunshine Coast?   The summary and links below may answer these questions for you...


Although consuming the placenta is the most natural thing in the animal world, the mere thought of it seems to stir a wide range of reactions in our human world!

Consuming the placenta has become a bit of a high-profile subject just now.  In an awakening world, more and more people today (including high-profile celebrities) seem to be finding this topic less yucky and more worth considering!  This article in Kids on the Coast in June 2014 was far ahead of the game! 

It seems the placenta is rich with a detectable 16 feel-good hormones and other natural healing chemicals, "that could conceivably yield physiological effects"!  So it seems reasonable that it may have something to offer us back!  All other mammals consume their baby's placenta, so nature seems to strongly model that it's a worthwhile thing to do!   Women who have taken placenta capsules reported feeling happier, fewer emotional problems and a fast, more calm postnatal recovery.

Other benefits from those natural hormones & chemicals may be: less postnatal bleeding, quicker uterus retracting, better iron levels, enhanced milk supply and increased energy.

Placenta Encapsulation Services available on the Sunshine Coast

A Google search will reveal much more, but here are some Sunshine Coast Placenta Encapsulation services those that came up tops.
Pick-up of placenta and delivery of capsules is part of their work.