Other Natural Therapies for Mum & Bub

Pregnancy, birth and baby - supporting your health with other therapies

Pregnancy is a time when there are extra demands on the mother's system, to supply nutrients and building blocks for the baby's growth and development, and to keep the immune system strong.  This page has services that may help to support the pregnant mother's body, help positioning of the baby for birth, and help the baby's phsical systems after birth.


Local Healthy Services


Sunshine Childrens Chiropractic

Dr Scott Baker, Dr Sarah Drovandi, Dr Natalia Kapur, and Dr Rachel Steel are some of the few chiropractors on the coast who primarily focus on babies and children.  Why might my baby need chiropractic care?
Dr. Doug Milne and Dr Vanessa Nicholson focus on adults and have a particular interest in helping pregnant women remain discomfort-free during the pregnancy. Gentle pelvic and spinal corrections during pregnancy can help prepare the body for the birth process.
All Doctors have also completed training in the Webster Technique for pregnant mothers whose babies are in the breech or posterior position.


Bodywise Noosa

Osteopath, Megan Smart provides individually tailored, gentle, effective treatment to harness the body’s self healing ability. She works closely with your pregnancy care providers. 
Osteopathy can relieve spinal and bodily aches and pains that the added strains of pregnancy may cause.  It can ensure the mother’s pelvis and low back is structurally balanced, an important preparation for childbirth. Osteopathy can also improve the pregnant woman’s general health and well-being by ensuring the whole body is in balance and working efficiently. This consequently enables the new mum-to-be to enjoy her pregnancy, and improves the birth and recovery process.
During birth, the baby is subjected to enormous forces from the birth canal and uterus; In addition, the baby has to twist, turn and squeeze through the bony pelvis, on its highly stimulating and potentially stressful journey. The baby’s head and the strong membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord are able to absorb most of these stresses, however, sometimes babies need help to resolve the result of these stresses. Osteopathic treatment soon after birth is recommended and highly beneficial, as birth misalignment becomes progressively more difficult to correct with time.

Fresh Holistic Health

'Integrative medicine at its best'. 
We are an integrative medical practice. This means we combine the practice of scientific, Western medicine with In-house alternative medicine/therapy.
Fresh Holistic Health Services is situated alongside Kunara Organic Marketplace. It is quite the busy hub for health & wellness on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Recognising the strong link between the environment and our health, our centre is designed and built specifically with your health in mind and a strict emphasis on environmentally sustainable design. It is home to a holistic medical practice. We have a large studio for Yoga, Pilates, meditation, rehabilitation, and conference/workshops, and also Naturopathy, Psychology, Nutrition, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Reiki, Bowen Therapy / Myopractic, Life Coaching and loads more. Our building's health services also include a Biological Dentistry practice and Organic Beauty Spa.  All in one place!

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Kunara Organic Marketplace

"Over 18,000 natural and organic products including fruit and vegetables, naturopathic services, natural beauty therapists, organic and gluten free specialty food from our café, a native and eco-friendly garden centre, a wholesale warehouse and manufacturing plant, like-minded neighbours including an organic butcher, Synerji natural fibre clothing boutique and holistic health practitioners."
Kunara has an extensive range of health supporting products, and qualified naturopaths and homeopaths on site to help guide you in your healthy choices.


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