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Our October Group Classes are the next series booking:
We will be practising covid19-safe practices!
Tuesdays - October 6, 13, 20 and 27

Full details of courses, venue and content are available in the drop-down menu under CLASSES in the main menu.
Your ideal time to attend is 20-30 weeks, while you are more comfortable and have lots of time to practise. However, even if you are very late in your pregnancy and would like to do this program, it will still be an enormous benefit to your birth.  We also totally understand that sometimes special circumstances require flexibility! So please phone to discuss possibilities if your circumstances are different.

Pregnant couple looking at course material.
Birth preparation for you & your birth partner.

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positive birth affirmation
See it-hear it-feel it, program your subconscious.


Positive affirmation
Creating positive birthing beliefs


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Positive affirmations are just one of our tools.