What to bring to your Hypnobirthing Group Class


 Hello again!


You're baby bump will be noticeable now and you're probably feeling lots of kicks!  Such an exciting time!

And our Hypnobirthing Classes are coming up very soon!  I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

I have some points below for the upcoming classes, to ensure you get the very most out of them.



Your Group Classes:

There are four classes and each one is amazing. Make sure you get your full value and benefit; it's really important that you attend all four classes and it is so very important for your birth partner to come too.

Class Days:  Tuesdays for 4 consecutive evenings usually; please check your confirmation email.
Class Times:  6pm-9pm
VenueFresh Holistic Health, Floor 1, 330 Mons Road, Forest Glen QLD 4556  (Located at Kunara Organic Marketplace)
Parking:  right outside the building, Kunara carpark
Supper:  We will have a break, and I will provide a light, healthy, delicious supper for you!  There is a lovely kitchen for tea and coffee making.

What to Bring?

  1.  Your birth partner!  I strongly encourage your birth partner to come, for lots of reasons that be clear at the first class.
  2.  Wear comfy clothing and shoes, or you can take your shoes off.  
  3.  A cushion or pillow.  There are yoga mats and bolsters and plenty of floor space! 
  4.  There are upright chairs in our room, but you may like to bring a camp chair or even your exercise ball! (I have a couple of balls.)  You won't be the first pregnant lady to bounce her way through my classes! Comfort is important!!!

Anything Else?

Balance of payment for our program is due before the start of classes, thank you.
While you wait for the classes to begin, you may like to start some guided relaxation practice! If you link here to Hypnobirthing Australia, and wait for a moment, a form will appear and you can receive a free Pregnancy Relaxaion MP3 download .  It is a great place to start preparing for the Hypnobirthing program.

Meanwhile, my Hypnobirthing Sunshine Coast website has lots of really great information for parents-to-be on the Sunshine Coast, as well as positive birth stories, pregnancy tips, and so much more. I refer to it often during our course.
My Facebook page also has lots of entertaining and informative articles and posts too, if you'd like to follow! And feel free to share with your friends, that would be awesome!
If you find inspiration at Instagram, you'll find us here Hypnobirthing Sunshine Coast. 

If you have any questions, please phone me to chat, or email kylie@hypnobirthingsunshinecoast.care 

I look forward to seeing you soon at our first class.



Ph 0405 125 663


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