The Hypnobirth of Reuben James

“we had a very good experience with labour.”

Reuben James came into the world on Sunday the 13th of December

Thanks to you and hypnobirthing we had a very good experience with labour.

In total I was in labour for 6 hours.

All of the breathing and relaxation techniques and music were very helpful in keeping my mindset. Especially when the contractions became really intense.

Simon was amazing and played his part really well.

The only complication was that there was meconium in the waters that required continuous monitoring of baby andI was unable to have a water birth like I was hoping. This also meant the doctors popped their heads in at one point due to the babies heart rate dropping. They completely threw me off and caused my contractions to slow, as they were turned all the lights on, started asking me questions and were suggesting an instrumental delivery.

However, the midwife was amazing and she helped me change positions. The heart right started to come back up, so the doctors were happy.

So they left the room and our little man arrived in 5 minutes.

So in the end we had a natural (pain relief free) vaginal delivery. So thank you very much for your role and advice it really helped us

Loren and Simon, Sunshine Coast, December 2020